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Stack 571 Burger & Whiskey Bar™ offers competitive wages, a flexible schedule and meal discounts. Most importantly, we offer a positive work environment! Stop by and see us at the times listed above. If you have other questions regarding employment at Stack 571 e-mail us at:

Tacoma location:

Bothell location:

Lake Tapps: 


To be the First Choice of our Guests and our People.

At Stack 571, our goal is to have our guests return because they experience a feeling of unexpected hospitality. We have developed what we call H.O.P.P.S. standards to help you achieve this result.

Hospitality: Crew performance standards’ umbrella.

Opportunities: The opportunity to enhance the Guests’ experience.

Presentation: What and who the Guests perceive us to be. How you present yourself and how the restaurant is presented.

Participation: To actively join in / be involved / seek to help others.

Sincerity: As in genuine, individual and personalized warmth.

We have fun and it shows.

Stack 571 Burger & Whiskey Bar™ is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



They're your one and only, and you wish you could celebrate them: they're... your significant other! We love celebrating romance and friendship, let us take care of your dinner plans so you can focus on what matters: connection. ...

Beautiful food is part of the joy of eating. Hand crafted burgers like this one can now be shared with a friend at one of our locations around Washington. Can't wait to see you here! ...

Community means unexpectedly falling in love and becoming a family! Celebrate yours with a staycation meal we think you'll love. Made with love and fresh ingredients, we've got new flavor combinations waiting for you. ...

Eating out again means date night is ready for you just around the corner. Find a local Stack 571 for dinner, drinks and good dates just like these two 😋 ...

Can you believe there's a day just to celebrate scotch? We can too! We're celebrating by trying a flight, our preferred way to find new favorites and explore the wonderful world of scotch. Join us today! ...

Saucy, mushroomy, and fresh. Our truffle mushroom burger features cambozola, tempura–fried Parmesan oyster mushrooms,⠀
garlic–herb Boursin cheese, and baby kale! It's always great to eat out, but have you tried picnicking out? Carry out and dine in available!

"The sauce was not hoisin sauce (I think), but it was not a overpowering savory flavor. Overall, a balanced and delicious Vietnamese-inspired creation. Yum!!"⠀

Thanks for the input! In case you're wondering what it's like to have a delicious, savory and sweet Banh Mi burger here at Stack, the reviews are in. Try one in store for yourself, or at home-available for take-out or dine in.

We're so glad to have guests back in our restaurant! Experience something new together: smoke stack maple fashioned. Experience it for yourself at any of our locations, we're open for you! ...

Time to order up a family box at Lake Tapps! Four burgers, and all the toppings to make your family night incredible! The Fatted Sow Burger Box comes with bacon, bourbon-bacon slaw, bacon-whiskey jam, Tillamook cheddar, pickle, marinated tomato, and of course our house-made Stack sauce 🍔🍔🍔🍔👍⠀

To order, give us a call at Lake Tapps (253) 397-4899 or hop on our site (link in bio) and click the big, "Order Online" button.

DID YOU KNOW 💡Not only do we have family meal to-go boxes with four burgers and all of the toppings at our Lake Tapps location, but we've also got family salads boxes accompany them? ⠀

Our Chopped Wedge serves 4-5 and comes with iceberg, cabbage, marinated tomatoes, bacon, candied walnuts, and blue cheese⠀

To order, give us a call at Lake Tapps (253) 397-4899 or hop on our site (link in bio) and click the big, "Order Pickup" button.

And that's what we call a burger at Stack571! If you haven't had a chance to grab one of our delicious burgers and an amazing shake, you've got to come in and see what you're missing. Tag a friend who hasn't tried Stack before! ...

Try something new this week! The Fatted Sow is likely to liven up any foodie's palate, with it's bourbon-bacon slaw, bacon whiskey jam, and our signature Stack sauce. Savory, meaty, what's not to love? ...

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