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Opening in June. Stack 571 at The Village in Totem Lake.


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We are now open 7 days a week: Noon-9pm
Vancouver and Tacoma open 12-10pm on Friday and Saturday
Happy hour in all locations from 3:00-6:00
and 9:00 -10:00 at Tacoma and Vancouver on Friday and Saturday

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    • Vancouver



Did the pandemic set you back on your whiskey passport progress? It's never too late to catch up! Drink whiskey, get a stamp, get a prize!⠀⠀
• Every 10th drink, you'll be awarded half off of your next drink. 🥃⠀⠀
• After 25 drinks, you'll get a coupon for a free burger and shake. 🍔🍦⠀⠀
• After 50 drinks, you'll get a $100 stack gift card. 💳⠀⠀
• if you eventually drink all 131 types of whiskey, you'll be awarded a $150.00 stack gift card! 💰💳

Knock back a couple of Old Fashioneds with a friend or two, reminisce about the good old days and maybe start a new tradition or two at your local Stack 571! ...

We know you're craving all–natural chicken breast, pickled jalapeño slaw, honey, Tillamook cheddar and crisp bacon, cradled between two halves of a potato bun. So don't wait any longer! Come by your local Stack 571 for a Fried Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich today. ...

No need to wait 'til the weekend for shakes with a shot! Have you tried our Washington Triple Berry Shake with vodka? How about our Lucky Charms S'mores Shake with brandy? Tell us which shake is your favorite below! 👇 ...

You already know we've got burgers, but we've got beer too– a match made in heaven! Who are we to break up this delectable couple? ...

BREAKING NEWS!!! Did you see the latest headlines? We're coming to Totem Lake in June! Great burgers, amazing milkshakes, and more whiskey than you'll know what to do with! ...

"Onion rings were the highlight (possibly because I can't remember the last time I had some, but they stayed nice and crispy even to the last bite.)"⠀

We love our onion rings too, @theauramaeway, and can't imagine life without them! Come back anytime for another crispy plate!

HEYYYOOO! Cheers to the weekend! Your local Stack 571 crew is ready to wrap up the work week with you and have a good time. ...

We are still doing Whiskey Passports! Travel through Stack 571's world of whiskey with our passport that your server / bartender will stamp each time you try one of our premium whiskeys from different regions! You will receive rewards, which include: ⠀

- Every 10th whiskey you purchase will be 1/2 off ⠀
- After your 25th whiskey you will get a burger and side on us ⠀
- After your 50th whiskey you we receive a $100 Gift Certificate ⠀
- Make it through all our Whiskeys and you will receive a $150 gift card and an engraved memorialized bar plaque celebrating your completion!

Add a bit of freshness to your day by pairing a burger with one of our salads! Some of our favorites are the BLT Chop Chop, the Chopped Wedge, and the Superfood Salad. ...

Caption this! 👇 ...

There's burgers and fries, and then there's Stack 571 burgers and waffle fries. Take one bite of our golden-brown, fluffy, fried-to-perfection fries and there's no going back. ...

Stack 571 Burger & Whiskey Bar